South Park of Patras

NP I will never ever forget the first woman that exited the factory, and then the whole world
followed. I will never forget it.

For the needs of the first sculptural intervention in the city, we choose the south park of Patras because of its location - close to old industrial and craft units - but also due to the fact that it's one of the few places in the capital of Achaia, where the relationship between the city and the sea is experienced without any hindrances. The park was restored to the public in 2016 and is a vital place not only for the residents of the southern districts of the city but also all citizens of Patras.

The proposed sculpture, made of mirror and aluminum pipes, is placed at the southwestern end of the park, near the new port and opposite the former Ladopoulos paper factory. The words reflected on the artwork refer to the first mobilizations of the workers in the factory of MISKO (around the mid-90s) and highlight the dynamics of women workforce.

Architectural Design: Nikiforos Ziros & Stergios Kaloudis
Photos: Vasilis Zoudiaris, Konstantinos Vasilopoulos, Christos Polychronopoulos

Gerokostopoulou Stairs (Upper City)

YM What was the first product, when the industry started?
SS It was this one here, the lobster candy.
GM It's a DNA memory, they were all over the city.

For the installation in the center of the city, we choose the Gerokostopoulou stairs, one of the four stairs that connect the lower with the upper city. We place the sculpture on one of the four sides of the apartments building near the block where the Turkish delights industry of Angelopoulos - Iliadis was located. Today, the building that hosted the industry has been demolished for the benefit of archaeological excavations, to uncover the Roman hippodrome.

We chose to illustrate the dialogical part between YM, SS and GM that highlights the historical relationship of the Turkish delight with the city and the inhabitants of Patras. The sculpture is made out of brass and its hanging from the terrace of the building with the help of vertical metal bars.

Architectural Design: Aliki Kontela & Eleni Chatzi Nestoros
Photos: Vasilis Zoudiaris, Christos Polychronopoulos, Dimitris Theodoropoulos

TRAINOSE Engine Room

LA He lost it... the day that they went to Athens and told him that his factory is falling into their hands... he completely lost it.

The third sculptural intervention is situated in the area of Ag. Dionysios in the northern part of Patras, and specifically in the engine room of TRAINOSE. The sculpture is placed on the facade of one of the tanks that dominate the landscape and which are landmarks of the area and the city in general.The tank is located at the intersection of Agias Sofias and Athinon streets, and due to it's volume and height, it's visible from different parts of the city.

The chosen phrase highlights the subtle boundaries between personal truth and urban myth, and it's sculpturally tranformed using neon tubes on a lightweight metal construction.

Architectural Design: Sofia Panagiotopoulou
Photos: Vasilis Zoudiaris, Natasa Stavropoulos, Dimitris Theodoropoulos