Artistic Research

on the post-industrial character of Patras
from 1960 until today

TELL ME is the multidisciplinary project by the artist Yorgos Maraziotis that studies the notion of oral history as a medium for understanding domesticity and public space. By documenting the oral accounts of members of the working class of Patras (GR), Maraziotis attempts to prove them as tools for empowering the city's post-industrial social structures. The artistic groundwork engages a multidisciplinary research group and evolves in a 64-pages publication, a podcast that captures a curated selection of the workers' narrations and a proposal for three public sculptures in the city of Patras. TELL ME is funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports (2020-2021) and runs under the auspices of The ΤΕΛΟΣ Society and Base-Alpha Gallery Antwerp.

Concept, research, design, walking dialogues & production

Yorgos Maraziotis


Georgia Manolopoulou

Architectural supervision

Dimitris Theodoropoulos

Architectural designs

Nikiforos Ziros

Stergios Kaloudis 

Aliki Kontela

Eleni Chatzi Nestoros 

Sofia Panagiotopoulou


Maria Fotiou

Natassa Penn 

Curation of  reenactments & podcast engineering

Nicolas Maraziotis

Podcast  narration

Zakelina Kyroussi

Sound reenactments

Elias Achladiotis, Periklis Vasilopoulos, Yannis Dendrinos, Fanis Diplas,
Kostas Logaras, Angeliki Ntervisi, Aris Troupakis, Stavros Panoulis, Paraskevi Sfaelou


Vassilis Papaioannou, Christos Polychronopoulos, Natasha Stavropoulos,
Nikolas Tsakanikas, Konstantinos Vassilopoulos, Yannis Vlastaras, Vassilis Zoudiaris

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